Anything Harry Potter makes me happy :)

harry and Voldemort yo mama jokes is just to funny, not quite sure why but I can't stop laughing<<<<wrong form of to, support to be too

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» My Life As A Background Slytherin

» My Life As A Background Slytherin

Hogwarts portraits >>> oh wow it went in a complete different direction than I expected>>>I was not expecting that

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I very much wish that this had happened, Remus was dealt far too difficult a hand throughout his storyline.

I feel like Fred and George were responsible for that last one, but IDK. (Fred and George are DEFINITELY responsible for the last one)

SLYTHERIN PRIDE!!! THIS NEEDED TO BE SAID!!! Sorry for language but this is perfect!

I totally agree, and I am not a Slytherin. In fact, I am a Gryffindor. My best friend is a Slytherin, and we are best friends with a Hufflepuff. A Gryffindor, a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff?

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How it probably went down when the Hogwarts founders picked the school motto

Who would even do that

How it probably went down when the Hogwarts founders picked the school motto. It's more fun when you know latin.