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Magcon, Magcon Boys

sitting in church the other and I turned to one of my friends and told her I wanted a püma shirt.... immediately one of my other friends told me what püma means. I dont think I want a shirt anymore.

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You know your a true magcon fan when you see the puma logo and you immediately think PÜMA !

Magcon, Magcon Boys

Repin if you're a true fan

Well i hate carter but love to boys so<<<<<HOW DARE YOU? All of them deserve our respect and love just the same! Carter is Just as important as the Jacks, Nash, and Cam! If you don't love all of them then you're not a true fan -Sophie

This is more accurate than I ever thought it would   c98ab492701e3d88cd5211f0fe9df4f5.jpg 539×908 pixels

Me everyday at school O O O Mendes ng ng Nash Grier Daigle Daigle Daigle Dallas Addonizio Addonizio Addonizio Espinosa McHardy McHardy Taylor Caniff Kapor Kapor Kapor Carpenter Cantone Nadal Bvo Gilinsky

Magcon, Magcon Boys

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Hayes has a new video!:)

I love hayes so much I would cry if he wasn't on this earth ^^^ chubbeh bunneh - Skylynn Grier

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This. Is. Beautiful. #hayesnotice

This. Is. Beautiful. #hayesnotice