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News: Famous Artist David Hockney Gives iPad a Big Thumbs-Up

David Hockney, Mother: another manipulated-photo work of art. Hockney is the originator of this technique. *LINK to Cubism*

Brno Del Zou - Google Search

Brno Del Zou is a French photographer, who uses photo manipulation and photographic structure to create a cubism effect.

Shoot me, Print me, Tuck me, Fold me and then Shoot me Again. Aldo Tolino’s human portraits are of a  creative loop which goes along the lines of: shooting a portrait, printing it on paper, then creasing it, tucking it and folding it until a brand new facial expression is created before shooting the printed-portrait-turned-sculpture for the final result. During this process, the more you rearrange the shape of the triangle grid on the surface the more facial expressions you generate.

Shoot me, Print me, Tuck me, Fold me and then Shoot me Again