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NASA gets a warp drive space ship! Check it out: http://cnet.co/1n7NmIZ

Mark Rademaker: Designing a warp drive space ship for NASA

NASA's design a real Warp Drive Ship The Warp Drive spacecraft that could make interstellar travel a reality, theoretically allow distant travel by bending space-time. A NASA scientist said IXS Enterprise could reach Alfa Centauri in two weeks!

A holiday on Mars and the Moon could be a reality within a century

Colonized planets will take the concept of jet-setting to a whole new level 100 years from now.

Alex "GUTALIN" Kozhanov es una artista independiente que opera en Kaliningrado, Rusia. Él trabaja para la industria comercial, como un arti...

Alex "Gutalin" Kozhanov ¿El nuevo H.R. Giger - Arte

Alex 'Gutalin' Kozhanov is a freelance artist living in Russia who specializes in science fiction art.

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This is my first shot at trying to design a castle. I tried to imagine a tiny village and castle surrounded by fortifications, turrets, huge walls and s. Castle and Village Number One

Dopamine producing neurons  (Science...an inspiration for art!)

Identification Of Dopamine 'Mother Cells' Could Lead To Future Parkinson's Treatments

Epileptic seizures may be predicted by a simple brain implant according to the latest study published in the journal of the Lancet, Neurology. This device uses electrical activity of the brain to …

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An Awesome ‘Star Wars’-Themed Baby Nursery. Perfect for the future nerdy baby boy that I'm sure Kyle and I will have.

Earth & its moon, Luna

Earth & its moon, Luna

Star Wars, Starwars

Alien (1979) – 117 min. One of the best movies ever.

Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in Alien - she's probably the queen of sci-fi heroines and leading ladies from fighting Xenomorph aliens to hanging with the Ghostbusters to starring on Galaxy Quest to saving an alien race in an Avatar.