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The 1st year of a Red Squirrel baby's life is marked by intense competition & imminent death. The simple goal: Mommy has to get a territory before winter, or they all die of starvation. If a mother squirrel hears the sounds of a crowded forest, stress hormones surge & begin affecting her pups even before they are born. When they finally pop into the world, they start growing faster. The hormones are a chemical message from mum: Live fast, so you don’t die young.

Mother squirrel moving her pup. Their ears are tagged because they are being studied in the Kluane Squirrel Project in Canada. Photo by Ryan W Taylor.

It's all about balance #squirrel

* * " I ain'ts gonna tellz yoo twice! Getz yer feline tail outta heres - I kin drop walnut bombs!

He wants some nuts.

He wants some nuts

Sweet little guy!Squirrel who comes every day for nuts // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -


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Funny pictures about Yoda Squirrel. Oh, and cool pics about Yoda Squirrel. Also, Yoda Squirrel photos.

STL Rally-Squirrel #gocards #redtober

Give the squirrel a name and make up an interesting story about him/her. If you were writing a story about an animal super hero, what animal would it be and what would be his super power or powers. Tell a story about your animal super hero.

Squirrels are coming

a day in the life of a squirel. Look close at the guy with the camera.