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"Love Trumps Hate" slogan was the worse contradiction of it all! Actions proved this to be true. #election2016

Typical liberal democrat stance on pretty much everything, a practice in hypocritical narrative, truth and facts be damned.

THE TRUTH SOUNDS LIKE HATE TO THOSE WHO HATE THE TRUTH! #TrumpLandslide2016 #DonaldTrumpBythePeopleFor thePeople

Well unfortunately a large portion of our population now appears to consist of easily-offended, ignorant, crybaby fools.

TRUMP Daily's photo. One of my all time fav actors....Thanks for supporting Donald!!

Rich Idiot willing to overlook Trumps Racist Misogynist Bigoted Xenophobic Hate.

If this liberal wants to see who's hateful, she needs to look in the mirror. Liberals are full of anger and violence against anyone who disagrees with them. Liberals think they're the only ones allowed to have an opinion.

"Love sounds loud and angry." Odd, it's suppose to be opposite of that, HATEFUL. Full of Hate. Liberalism IS a Mental Disorder.

As are all Republicans. Trump is a petty, jealous, tiny little insecure man. Obama is brilliant, classy, successful, wise, & a grown-up! Trump is a spoiled rotten little 2yr-old!! Our country & our world need leaders with maturity & inclusive vision! Impeach that foolish little crybaby!!

Donald and Melania Trump Meet With Barack and Michelle Obama at the White House -- See the Pics

Seriously.  These are the people calling us un-American, while they wear their nazi gear?

“ Growing up in the there were only 2 things that all American’s could agree on. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents would all concur. Hitler and the Nazi’s were the.

Donald Trump was an active member of the “birther” movement that questioned President Obama’s birthplace

Everything about Donald Trump

'Access Hollywood' Identifies Woman in Donald Trump Tape as Nancy O'Dell During a Friday-night segment the program addressed Trump's latest campaign scandal involving former host Billy Bush.