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Free! ~~ Fan Wars :: But how about (Makoto + Haru + Rin) in various combinations?

~~ Fan Wars :: Got to admit, I ship MakoHaru and Reigisa. I have nothing against RinHaru, I just prefer MakoHaru.


ADOPTEDThis is Nagisa he is 16 he is very nice and funny. He is in a swim club and loves eating adopt?

Kisumi Shigino and Hayato

Free eternal summer season kisumi Shigino(brother) and Hayato Shigino(little…

bir gün haru-chan

Water-senpai will notice you Haru! *grumbles* if only you would notice me Haru-senpai

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club -Nagisa Hazuki This is my bff's dream guy right here

trai xinh đeo kính ta sẽ đem lên page vào một ngày rảnh đời nào đấy =))

He does it right :3

Makoto is disappointed in you.Also judging you. <--- It's really sad when sweet Makoto judges you.