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Masochist Lemon Jeff The Killer X Reader Par by VWP on DeviantArt

Haha jeff u look like your on a hangover Jeff: Shut and kiss me damit -.- Me: Haha fine if it'll shut u up haha *kisses him* Jeff: *Smiles* Worth it hehe Me: Wut? XD Jeff: This is way worth it Me: Huh um nevermind haha i don't wanna know

Now lj, please don't impale and gut the poor kid

I think everyone is forgetting that he literally poisons kids with candy.

Hi Jeff lol

Jeff: Open your goddamn window so i can rip you to shreds. *gets under covers and goes to sleep* Jeff:.*struggles to open locked window* God dammit. *leaves window and goes to neighbor's house*

Eyeless and Jeff. I think it's supposed to be a ship thing, but I'm ignoring and calling it bro love

Creepypasta eyeless jack and jeff the killer i just love jeff face when he sad its just so cute it look like a ship but i ignoring it i know its just a bro love right?

Creepypasta Eyeless Jack sexy by Turn-the-Madness666 on DeviantArt

Creepypasta Eyeless Jack by on DeviantArt<<<<Sleepy Jackie

Jeff the Killer from the Creepypasta family

Jeff the killer, personally my favourite. A cold blooded killer who was driven to insanity.