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Your hands are too big and hot to hold.  I already laugh at all your jokes.  You walk to slow.  You won't even sit on the couch.  Ooooh, your eyes are so brown I could drown in them.  I talk all the time any way. I love to smooch with you.  EVERY SINGLE DAY FOREVER!!!!

I want to love you every single day love kiss quote romantic love quote forever by alexis

Yessss! Mostly because this is something I'd do to them xD

Most girls want a guy who would hold an umbrella over their head and carry them over puddles. I want a guy who would steal my umbrella, jump in the puddles just to splash me and kiss me before I could yell at him.

Create an ideal picture of your future- Danielle La Porte

Create an ideal story of your future and tell it over and over again. Inspirational words of wisdom.

Rise of the Guardians' Jack Frost and Frozen's Elsa | J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter / [Triwizard] Ball-Jelsa (1) by Lime-Hael on DeviantArt

Jack invited Elsa to the ball in some way or other But the problem is other girls who are jealous of Elsa. This story consists of three parts.

HAHA! Ratcliffe is SO close to Radcliffe, which is Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe)'s last name.

I seriously want every one of these. my faves are yzma, Ursula, evil queen and mother gothel.Disney Villain Perfumes By Ruby Spark