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I can think of so many other things I could do with those 8 hours...

Funny Workplace Ecard: You know.this working full time thing is really cramping my style.

where is all the rum gone....

Drinking rum before makes you a pirate not an alcoholic! Pirate for life!

I don't drink but this is funny!

Bahaha, so true though. TRUTH Ecard mans best friend with quote for wall friendship

So true!! lol

Mom always told me if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all. And some people wonder why I'm so quiet around them.

Funny Weekend Ecard: People should know by now that 'not a morning person' is code for 'shut the fuck up and leave me the hell alone.'

Funny Weekend Ecard: People should know by now that not a morning person is code for shut the fuck up and leave me the hell alone.

l o l

Excuse me while I introvert

Introvert Problems: I'd love to hang out with you, but I need to be alone today. If I have any social interaction in the next 24 hours, someone will die. This so me!

For the Love of Love

It's a SCIENTIFIC FACT: Never tell a woman she's crazy, unless you want to see crazy.funny but oh so true!

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Why Not Wearing Pants Is Awesome

Pants are always off within two minutes of being home. hate them. Cant i just wear yoga pants to work? I mean they are black right?