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Baby dwarf mongoose...they kill snakes, and they are THAT cute. :) Love!!

Baby Dwarf Mongoose: These animals are totally fearless and they kill all dangerous poisonous snakes;

Who knew they were so cute?!

Humans love to show off their babies but animals are very different. Some baby animals we almost never get to see.

itty bitty

Lesser Malay Mouse Deer It's been two years since we shared the Paignton Zoo's baby mouse deer and we still get comments claiming the post is fake! The lesser Malay mouse deer, a species of chevrotain, is very real, and very small.

Let's see.  On this hand we have 20 mongoose.  On the other hand we have one King Cobra.  Someone is having a very bad day.

Its a bad day to be a cobra! I've seen Rikki Tikki Tavi I know how this ends.

Baby Stoat (also known as Ermine or Short Tailed Weasel)

funnywildlufe: Baby Stoat also known as the ermine or short-tailed weasel The stoat has range throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, from Greenland and the Canadian and Siberian Arctic islands south to about Stoats in North America are.

Banded mongoose pups|The mongoose is a small rodent-like mammal, the mongoose is similar in appearance to the meerkat and the weasel. Mongoose (Helogale Parvula) -

Banded Mongoose pups - The mongoose is a small rodent-like mammal, similar in appearance to the meerkat and the weasel.