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We cannot get enough of this gorgeous orange vase/pitcher. The color contrast is delicious.its for complementary color combinations. and its a mafic of blue and orange mixture




For the garden: Hydrangea 'Double Delights Freedom' - Elegant soft rose pink blossoms edged in cream are simply stunning against the lush dark green foliage of the shrub. This Hydrangea will bloom blue with cream in acidic soils.

This reminds me of one red rose I had blooming out of 3 feet of snow by my lamp post when I lived on Long Island.My grandma always said it meant something -) It didn't have any frost on it tho.it was a fresh red rose -)

This makes me think of one thing. The Color Purple. If you can walk by a field and not notice the color purple, I think that pisses God off.

Роза Блэк Мэджик (Чёрная Магия), (Black Magic) Rosen Tantau, 1995

Rose 'Black Magic' per Kitty Belendez "I'm not sure that I really need four Black Magic bushes but I truly love that rose.

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