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Funny pictures about Pool Party. Oh, and cool pics about Pool Party. Also, Pool Party photos.

I laughed much harder than I should have at this...

Soy milk…

"It's so damn hot. milk was a bad choice." Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy in Anchorman Rincon

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tan(b)=sin(b)/cos(b). So, sin(b)/tan(b)= sin(b)/((sin(b)/cos(b))= sin(b)*(cos(b)/sin(b)), and the sin(b)s cancel. So, you're left with cos(b)!

Vengeance Dad - my family is a treasure you need a map and a shovel to find.

Vengeance Dad is an image macro meme featuring a photo from the with the head of the father sternly superimposed next to his child (Page

I love seeing idiots put in their place

Gay marriage is a sin

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