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Wake me up before you go-go t-shirt for ladies. I still love this George Michael song the MV's a guilty pleasure. take me dancing toniiiiiiiight I wanna hit that HIIIIIIIIGH Yeah Yeah.


Childhood, Infancy

drive ins were awesome

drive ins were awesome


Bathing, Trunks, Swimming, Childhood, Swim, Stems, Infancy, Tree Trunks, Bath

old school phones

Pottery Barn PB Grand Phone Vintage Rotary Phone Cheeseburger Phone Hello, Operator Phone Donut Phone Grand Cordless Phone Look Who’s Calling Salt and Pepper Shakers

Pics of kids saying the pledge of allegence - Yahoo Image Search Results

AHA recently launched their “Don’t Say the Pledge” Campaign, citing a recent poll that revealed one-third Americans want “under God” removed from the Pledge of Allegiance.