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This is the dumbest thing. "Here's to the kids who memorize lyrics to idiotic rap songs or lyrics that they don't even understand the meaning of before they memorize vocabulary words". HEY YOU IDIOT KIDS.VOCABULARY IS SEXY.


I blast the TV, sing super loud, and laugh at random things that aren't funny as loud as I can.

5'1" :D  See More:    http://wdb.es/?utm_campaign=wdb.es&utm_medium=pinterest&utm_source=pinterst-description&utm_content=&utm_term=

Yeah :/<<< and I'm still growing, there's hope for me yet.<<<yeah im and a half buut im still growing SO I HAVE HOPE

Just because I play the piano doesn't mean I'm not willing to take you down. I'm sorry. ~Tyler Joseph

~Tyler Joseph<<coconut coconut sHARKS IN THE WATER wait the lyrics are written with comic sans are you serious

Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, All Time Low, Fall Out Boys,  Falling In Reverse, Panic! At The Disco & Of Mice And Men.

30 seconds to mars A day to remember All time low Black veil brides Bring me the horizon Fall out boy Green day Motionless in white My chemical romance Of mice and men Panic! At the disco Paramore Pierce the veil Sleeping with sirens You me at six

YES BECAUSE I HAVE PANIC ATTACKS IF THERE IS MOSHES. Seriously though. I'm so claustrophobic.

I just wanna sit criss cross applesauce and listen to Patrick Stump sing,"What A Catch, Donnie."<<i wanna sit criss cross and listen to Tyler sing house of gold

This post describes me better than anything I have ever seen

Shower thoughts/socially awkward people Crescent Moon Darnel, Anyone?

When parents say "when I was your age" It's totally irrelevant outdated advice. The world has totally changed since the 70s and 80's   Relatable teen meme

When parents say "when I was your age" It's totally irrelevant outdated advice. The world has totally changed since the and Relatable teen meme And if the world is messed up it's our parents' generation's fault

Depends on the situation.

the-power-of-ponce: “radicalbehavior: “deznaomi: “pinkcronut: “So true? ” “It takes 2 business days to convince your parents” LMAO soo true!

Every time

My little story When I have a new calendar, I flip to my birth month to see if I got a good picture. So true! I do this every time!

Words cannot describe how much i love this...this is how i feel about Dog is Dead

Pierce The Veil / Paramore / Bring Me The Horizon / Fall Out Boy / My Chemical Romance / All Time Low / Sleeping With Sirens / Black Veil Brodes / Nirvana / The Rolling Stones / The Beatles / Journey / Kansas ;