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Bethany mota wearing this cute top! This is from her old videos!

Bethany mota wearing this cute top!

Doing a happy twirl because my new video is up! Summer Gone Wrong ☀️💦😬 leave a palm tree emoji in the comments if you've seen it already!

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{fc: Bethany Mota} Bethany) hey I'm Bethany! I'm 17 and single! I have two brothers and a sister! I'm a YouTuber and I love fashion! Photography helps calm me! Intro? *smiles sweetly*

Beth) ((open rp)) *she walks in awkwardly and walks over to the punch bowl. She pours herself a glass. She feels you touch her hip and she spins around to see you standing there. she blushes hard*

She liked my comment on this post :)

When you're being extra and the weather helps you be even more extra with a little wind in your hair 💨