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A Boy and His Dog [recolored] by darkelf19

Recolored because radioactive-green Thori was an eyesore. A GET WELL SOON present for *Riku-Ryou Team Loki from Twitte. A Boy and His Dog [recolored]

Reunited by darkelf19.deviantart.com

” Staring into his vibrant green eyes, words spoken millennia ago whisper through her mind like Niflheim mist.

Leah of Hel by darkelf19.deviantart.com

Leah of Hel

Mamluk Bowling by darkelf19.deviantart.com

Because what else are two teenage boys trapped in a citadel supposed to do for fun?

A Magic Carpet Ride by darkelf19

" She stopped halfway through the doorframe and looked across her main room to see Aladdin sitting on the balustrade outside the window and Car. A Magic Carpet Ride

Scorpion Practice by darkelf19

A belated birthday present for Hope it was worth the wait. [ Avatar the Last Airbender © Nickelodeon ] Scorpion Practice

Exiled by darkelf19.deviantart.com

Exiled by darkelf19.deviantart.com

Busted by darkelf19.deviantart.com

Just some quick Loki x Leah sketches. Some may become colored pieces. [ Loki & Leah © Journey Into Mystery - Marvel ]