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The writing process according to Robert Downey Jr. I wish the Queen would knight him! Sir Robert Downey Jr. would sound so nice!

How to Write a Book And Get it Published: A Beginner's Guide

LOL yes

When you're in class and the teacher says "Find a partner" You look at your friend like. And your friend looks at you like.

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Reading what I wrote the night before when I thought I was the next writing prodigy and realizing I wrote dog shit is like waking up to the one night stand who looked like Ryan Reynalds last night but is actually Steve Buscemi in the morning.

Integrative Movement Series: Thoughts & Suggestions for No Stirrups November

Every single time.

"Chapter One" written on an otherwise blank document is an all too familiar sight.

option b seems to happen more than a

27 Disney Jokes That Are Seriously Clever And Funny SO TRUE! Lol haha funny pics / pictures / Josh / Princess And The Frog / Disney Humor / Books

A mother's solution every time--multi-tasking

A mother's solution every time--multi-tasking

Harry Potter memes: MINIONS!@Stacey McKenzie McKenzie McKenzie Timms

Harry Potter Minions ⚡ Two of my favorite things together! (Only, it bugs me that Fred & George don't both have 1 eye.or Everyone knows that, minion or not, Fred & George are IDENTICAL!

Done that.

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When I'm researching lethal puncture wounds and someone reads over my shoulder

"It's because I'm a writer," I say as I bookmark the page on natural poisons and the page on how quickly one would die when stabbed. <----- "I am a writer" I say as I search the internet for how to get away with kidnapping

Sarah Hobbs, Untitled (overcompensation)

From a series Psychological Interiors by Sarah Hobbs "Overcompensation

Untitled (perfectionist) by Sarah Hobbs: Hobbs' photos reflect a variety of psychological states that are exaggerated representations played out in the scenes the artist creates.

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