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Sailor Moon Short Stories 2014 The New York Times Best Sellers Manga Graphic Books winner, Naoko Takeuchi

New English Sailor Moon manga Volume 8 featuring Sailor Neptune on the cover! Shopping links here http://www.moonkitty.net/reviews-buy-new-english-sailor-moon-manga.php

2nd Gen English Sailor Moon Manga Shopping Guide

Sailor Moon English Manga 8 - So pretty! I seriously wanna collect all of these, they'd look so nice all together on my bookshelf *-*

美少女戦士セーラームーン新装版 1 [Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon Shinsōban 1]

Sailor Moon (Usagi Tsukino) from "Sailor Moon" series by manga artist Naoko Takeuchi.

Sailor moon Crystal title card art OMG these are gorgeous ♥

Sailor moon Crystal title card art (TOEI should use these in the next arc but hey that will never happen.

A Second Chance for the Sailor Moon Manga: Volume 5

In celebration of how President Obama publicly declared his support for same-sex marriage this month, the cover of this volume features .

Mind Zero [Sony PS Vita]

Mind Zero [Sony PS Vita]