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Констанц (Konstanz). Германия

The German city Konstanz located on the border with Switzerland, on Lake Constance. The population of Constance is over 86 thousand people, which makes it on.

Цюрих (Zürich). Швейцария - YouTube

Swiss city of Zurich refers to global cities This is the largest not only financial center of Switzerland, but also a scientific center: a university and a h.

Замки Германии. Морицбург. Саксония.

The German Baroque castle of Moritzburg (Moritzburg) is in Saxony.

Switzerland - Bern: Old City.  I just love Bern.  It is my favourite city for eating, shopping and handarbeit.

A tram approaches along one of Bern's Old City streets in Switzerland. - visited Bern twice 1973 and (with my wife) in 1983

Орлинное гнездо торт

Eagle's nest or Kelsteinhaus is located in the German Alps, in Bavaria. This is a tea house, built at an altitude of 1834 meters in as a gift to t.

Севилья / Sevilla Spain Севилья — cтолица Андалусии. Город с захватывающей корридой и страстным фламенко. Яркая достопримечательность города - потрясающей кр...

Seville is the capital of Andalusia. A bright landmark of the city is the stunning beauty of the Sevi.

had fondue in Gruyere..found I'm more of a cheddar gal

Gruyeres, Switzerland - 10 breathtaking towns in Europe you've probably never heard of

Мескита, Кордова, Испания - YouTube

The Mosque of Cordoba (Mezquita) is an architectural masterpiece of Andalusia, the most beautiful and grandiose monument of the Moorish period.

Веймар Weimar Germany

Веймар Weimar Germany

Необычное явление в Праге 1 января 2017

An unusual and fabulous beauty phenomenon on January 2017 was in Prague.

Еврейская Свадьба. Mazel Tov!

" Jewish Wedding, its traditional features.

Hrad Valdek. Средневековые замки. Чехия

The Czech Gothic medieval castle of the fortress of Valdek / Hrad Valdek, the mention of which is first dated in the predicate Ulrich Zajice from Valde.

Malir Michail Scigol a Franz Kafka

Maliř Michail Šcigol a Franz Kafka