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[ It was a great time @ <The Red Bullet in Melbourne! Thank you, Melbourne A. :~) // 150712 BTS Offical (After

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During the Anniversary Concert' by Seo Taiji, the legendary artist showed much love to BTS for performing with him at the show.

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방탄소년단 ❤️ BTS  ❤️Jungkook / Kookie / Jeon Jeong Guk / 정국 / 전정국 V / Taehyung / Kim Tae Hyeong / 뷔 / 김태형 Jimin / ChimChim / Park Ji Min / 지민 / 박지민 J-Hope / Hoseok / Hobi / Jeong Ho Seok / 제이홉 / 정호석  Rap Monster / Namjoon / Kim Nam Jun / 랩몬스터 /김남준 Suga / Yoongi / August D / Min Yun Gi / 슈가  / 민윤기  Jin / Seokjin / Princess Pink / Kim Seok Jin / 진 / 김석진

BTS has grabbed their third trophy for “DNA”! On September episode of “M!Countdown,” the nominees for first place were BTS’s “DNA” and “Phonece