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(19) ทวิตเตอร์

(19) ทวิตเตอร์

(it's B.A.P!) : Photo

The shear look on Zelo and Daehyun's faces that and pretty much himchan in every single frame.

B.A.P (left to right) Youngjae, Daehyun, Jongup, Himchan, bottom: Zelo, Yongguk. Love them! They're amazing in concert!

B.A.P Kwave magazine photoshoot December' 15

B.A.P Youngjae's b-day 2014. His birthday is coming!! Happy Birthday Youngjae…

B.A.P대현 on


B.A.P Daehyun, Youngjae, Yongguk, Himchan, Jongup & Zelo

Yong Guk, Zelo, HImchan, Jongup, Dae Hyun, Young Jae

Jongup oppa still has the angelic smile. they've all changed a lot but it seems like they've not gotten older with even a minute! :D

B.A.P - Young, Wild & Free M/V -- I'm literally breaking into tears now TT~TT FINALLY! ughh! the wait is OVER! B.A.P is BACK! this is the first time I got emotional for a group's comeback TT.TT

I'm not crying in my room because B.P, my favorite group, is finally back after over a year of worrying about them, these are just bits of soul leaking out

B.A.P - Feel So Good M/V B.A.P official facebook : http://www.facebook.com/OFFICIALB.A.P B.A.P official fancafe : http://cafe.daum.net/TS-A...

B.A.P - Feel So Good M/V Jongup I will give you my love ♥ I love the song and the mv! Jongup has more lines again, I love his voice and he has so much capability! ♥ B.A.P ♥

Yongguk and Himchan (Banghim)

Yongguk, himchan, and Zelo in the back :)