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Vintage matchbox design: Some vintage safety matches / matchbox designs I found in the net.

japanese matchbox label | Jane McDevitt | Flickr

While looking up some Japanese poster artists the other day, I stumbled across this set of vintage Japanese matchbox labels from the Jane, the owner of the set, also recommends the book Matchbox Label Collection —Ellie

images (188×130)

images (188×130)

The Juggler Matches (Japan, c. 1920)

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Retro Japanese Matchbox

Спички по-японски

Some favourites from my collection of Japanese matchbox labels. Due to the visual style, subject matter and language barrier I find them more interesting and in

Japanese 20's matchbox design

Vintage Japanese matchbox label, It advertises a Cafe called Cafe Asahi Tei located in the town of Takasaki in the Gumma (Gunma) prefecture.