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By Julie Filipenko

Artist: Julie Filipenko "Cat Girls Don’t Cry" “"One of my pieces that will be on display at Ayden Gallery for the “Nightmare in Wonderland” project (part Curated by the wonderful Ixie Darkonn ●.

De-Programming. This is what it's like in my head everyday. I can only imagine what a REAL MK victim goes through when De-Programming. Artist: Elisa Ancori

Elisa Ancori (Barcelona, Spain) - Jellyfish II from Metamorfish, 2014 Drawings: Pencils

beautiful and dark surreal art - Google Search

a skeleton girl.mabye she cant fit in since she ahs no skin,ornags or brain like everyone else but manages to dress her self will and take other girls heads,using them as balloons.


You might have already heard of Russ Mills. If no, let us tell you who this incredible artist is. Between urban fine art and contemporary graphics, Russ creates


‘Utopia’ by Victor Ngai. - This image shows a common reaction to the idea of Utopia, mistrust. Apparently the thought of Utopia is too good to be true: there is no such thing as a free lunch, apparently.

johnny dombrowski

One thing I love about illustration is the variety of styles a single illustrator does nowadays. Everyone is multi-task, and also does lots of cool stuff, like this American artist, Johnny Dombrowski. His work is pretty amazing.

16_eBZykJPxkZA6yko6XsOK_large (117 pieces)

Starcrossed Tattoo by One Horse Town Illustration Studio, via Behance **design on face?

aesthetic, horror, and alternative

The beautiful Sophia Traverse sent me a photo of her recreating my idea for this piece. by harumi_hironaka

synthetic flying machines

Michael Reedy - this piece focuses on exposing the human body and perhaps enabiling the viewer to see the complexity and beauty of it. The beige silhouette shows us that the subject is a woman and the colours used suggest calmness and tranquility.