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Donald Trump Just Proved Buying Twitter Followers Works

Aaron looks like he doesn't even give a shit>>is this the same person who made the last piece of art?


"Why am I always the one in the dress?" -Garroth "Because you look the best in them," -Aphmau

Gorrath and zane are super cute in this picture mostly gorrath>>> THIS IS SO ADORABLE I CANT EVEN

This reminds Me of Sting and Rogue from Fairy Tail, AKA the twin dragon slayers

I remember watching Aphmau through season 1, 2, and 3. Its so sad now ;-;

This becomes even more accurate (and slightly depressing) after watching Ep. 100 of season


The Aftermath by AyaMichelle on DeviantArt Zane dad is the best overprotective dad

My heart is melting Oh god I'm gonna die This is cute af

My heart is melting Oh god I'm gonna die This is cute also does anyone notice that Kawaii~Chan has a shipping chart!