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- I don't need to own one but I got to shoot one and it was pretty awesome.

Bianchi Cup

Bianchi Cup

What You Ought To Know To Be Heart Healthy, Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff, Only $38.00

Masimo's iPhone oximeter puts vital health information at the tip of your finger (hands-on)

Diy kids cups with animal handles! Or dinosaurs. Or bugs (caterpillars would be perfect!) . If the cup is thick plastic it could even be a coffee mug!

DIY Party Cups - Glue Plastic Animals to Make Handles. People identify their cup by the animal handle.

Gun Shy #4 Rolling on 22's - gunshyblog

Like many rap artists shooters are rolling on these days more than ever. Unlike rap artists these are not referencing the bling rims that decor their Esclades, Range Rovers, or Bentleys.

GUNS SHY POST #2: You mean there is more than one kind? - gunshyblog

GUNS SHY POST #2: You mean there is more than one kind? - gunshyblog

Handgun vs Shotgun For Home Defense

Chris Costa's take on the best gun for home defense

M44 Mosin Nagant Rubber Recoil Butt Pad, 2015 Amazon Top Rated Cricket #Sports

Aim Sports Mosin Nagant Extended Recoil Buttpad: Easy to install, no drilling require, Simply use existing butt plate screws. The butt pad reduces recoil up to and add 1 inch length to your Mosin Nagant rifle

Deters theft by securing long guns out of sight. Mount these racks in a  variety of locations - overhead in a truck cab, in camper shells,  airplanes, boats, vans or recreation vehicles.  Available:  One-Gun Rack,  Two-Gun Rack.

Big Sky Racks Overhead Gun Rack

Cabela's: Big Sky Racks Overhead Gun Rack I love guns and this is just a very innovative way to store your guns in your car. Just don't be stupid and install it in a way that has the gun facing your head.g you get into a crash and the gun misfires)

What I’ve Learned after Carrying a Glock 19 for 4,992 Hours

You learn a lot by carrying a gun everyday…what works best and what doesn’t. One gun writer details their struggles and the lessons learned after carrying a Glock 19 for hours.