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"Dionne and I were both named after famous singers of the past, who now do infomercials" Clueless

Dionne and Cher: The Inspiration: In order to pull off best friends Dionne and Cher from Clueless, you'll need plaid miniskirts, matching blazers, knee-high socks, and lots of high-end shopping bags.

Which "Clueless" Guy Is Your Soulmate

Which "Clueless" Guy Is Your Soulmate?

Which "Clueless" Guy Is Your Soulmate

Clueless - ugh as if

my fav movie characters cher and dion.i will always be obsessed with the clothes in this movie Clueless


Clueless Alicia Silverstone Clueless Illustration: "Ugh," "As if" and "Whatever".

Clueless (1995)

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Here are the 15 best outfits Cher Horowitz wore in Clueless

I got Cher's bow-tied mini! Which Iconic "Clueless" Outfit Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

As If You Didn't Want to Be Totally Clueless This Halloween

As If You Didn't Want to Be Totally Clueless This Halloween

It goes without saying that we are big Clueless fans here at Fab, and for good reason: the 1995 coming-of-age tale is completely engrained in our memories, not just for the hilarious lines and plot twists, but for the over-the-top, semiridiculous

Nina Ricci as Wednesday Adams from the The Adams Family

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Retro 90's costume ideas you and your BFF: Dionne and Cher from Clueless

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