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Awkward yeti

Awkward yeti


The Awkward Yeti comics - tongue will usher in a new era of darkness. The gallbladder looks so guilty.

Heart and Brain...and stomach.

Space tacos from the awkward yeti

My resolution. Eat my hearts dust.

I love The Awkward Yeti!

Heart and Brain

Heart And Brain | Bored Panda

Heart And Brain

morning with the heart and the brain. Comic by The Awkward Yeti

The Awkward Yeti - featuring Heart & Brain

The Awkward Yeti [official]

I don't like ice cream though! I was tempted to have an ice cream sandwich.

Every fangirl/guy

Sundays, best day to be unproductive, perfect time to be quiet to hear oneself not think.


Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Comics featuring Heart and Brain, by cartoonist Nick Seluk.

Heart gives thanks over a holiday meal

A webcomic about the Heart and Brain, inspired by the Id, Ego and Superego, it takes a funny approach to our personal differences. Are you a Heart or a Brain?

Taking a vacation after your vacation

Heart prepares for vacation

Sarcasm = Intelligence

No sh*t Sherlock.

larstheyeti:  Heart save the day![preorder my first published book: Heart and Brain]

Heart saves the day

The Awkward Yeti [official]