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I would SOOO choose a type of weapon. One that stabs you in the heart multiple times when it breaks.

AHHH! Didn't know that! But now he's the captain, and "still alive" (ish) <3

As I watched Pirates of the Caribbean I kept track of the sword made by William Turner. What I found was interesting. I don't know how well this is known about, but I decided to get it out there in my own way. I was having feels.

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Omg easiest question>well duh it's five singing orange samosas(sarcasm)

Frederic Francois _ I love you je t'aime (iconesdoflashback)


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Easter Egg Hubby Hunt

Make your man hunt for his Easter Basket this year! We have all of the free Easter Egg Hunt printables and clues already done for you.