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ideal     elven anatomy

True Elf Facts waiting for chapter updates is torture elven fanfic

I thought that the elves would be the lazy ones

True Elf Facts all that pulling and nobody can even see how long it is

True Elf Facts

True Elf Facts alcoholism is a serious disease don't be like eves kids

True Elf Facts wind chimes also act as elf traps the spinning ones with the swirly shapes

are tall or short are elves that are neither you might want to reconsider calling them average

True Elf Facts >>>>> That's because berries are funnnnn!!!

True Elf Facts is dressing as Slutty Glorfindel is dressing as Slutty Elrond Hadir always just dresses as Slutty Boromir which everyone agrees is pretty cute

True Elf Facts #Did you notice Elrond trying to talk his way into one?

True Elf Facts - elves are slow to love; quite quick to lust though

True Elf Facts

True Elf Facts lothlorien or imladris rules variant rules not officially recognized by the council

True Elf Facts

True Elf Facts Eddie Murphy is so funny also tall and thin