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Arctic Ocean at midnight - Northern Norway ❤

Arctic Ocean at midnight - Northern Norway

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Beautiful Sea Of Mine

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Photo of a gorgeous sunset.

Winter sunrise

Reflections of a Sky - Photo of Sunrise over Langley Park Lake taken March 2009 by Jerry Lake

nermın kakuş

philkoch: “Mother Nature’s Son”Sunset on Mauthe LakeWisconsin Horizons By Phil Koch.Lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

"There are two great days in a person's life-the day we are born and the day we discover why." William Barclay.

Beautiful early morning beach sunrise scenery in Florida with seagulls in flight.

The Moon and the Sunset at South Padre Island, Texas | by Micah Goff

The Moon And The Sunset At South Padre Island by Micah Goff

The moon and the sunset at South Padre Island, Texas ~ by Micah Goff


Awesome Super Moon S Expression Photography and from around the world.

Reflection perfection

Landscape - title Summer Night - photographer Tore Eide H.

An Adirondack chair, a nice glass of apple juice! ha, the waves, and Sunset

Relaxing by thr Beach with a glass of wine

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Sunset in Kuusamo, Finland

Day is done

"after having lavished its light upon the world, the sun withdraws it rays in order to illuminate itself" CJ Jung

Life whispers.. #blogpost

Hearts ✯ Reflection Of Love

what. #sunset #beach #nature

Love all the different colors esp with the yellow orange and hot pink contrasting against the blue and mixing with it to make a beautiful shade of purple . Also everything reflecting off the water ! Beautiful picture Love We've got the best at in

False Sunset / by Andy Astbury Sunset over the Flatanger Archipelago in Norway fineartamerica.com

~~False Sunset ~ , seascape mirrored reflection, Flatanger Archipeligo, Norway by Andy Astbury~~