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Punctuation Anchor Chart: Am I telling, asking, or yelling? #kinderchat

Punctuation Chart for Kindergarten/First grade. Write one sentence, come up with ways to change it to use different punctuation. I would change yelling for making it sound interesting.

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160d92339059ba77b7b869290e1435dd.jpg 460×816 pixels

Fab 5 for Writing! Anchor Chart Posters and Student Rubric

Fab 5 for Writing! Anchor Chart Posters and Student Rubric Checklist

Kid-friendly rubric/checklist for student writing- perfect for writing station or creative writing assignments! Classroom ideas,Teaching,Teaching ideas,Things for the classroom,

Organizing for story writing- 1st grade blog---a lot of common core freebies that could be used for homeschooling also.

use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to narrate a single events or several loosely linked events, tell about the order in which they occurred and provide a reaction to what happened.

Writing Workshop... A Little of This and a Little of That... and a couple FREEBIES!

Writing Checklist for Beginning Writers. A checklist to help beginning writers remember to: - Use capital letters - Write neatly - Leave spaces between words - Use ending punctuation

Launching Writer's Workshop and Personal Narrative Unit (CC Aligned) - Zanah McCauley -

Launching Writer's Workshop and Personal Narrative Unit (CC Aligned)

January Polka Dots Calendar Days/Story Starters

- January Polka Dots Calendar Days/Story Starters, Grade - Grade, A Calendar Day on the front. A Story Starter on the back!

graphic organizer that I will use with my Kindergartners. They will write the topic they will research (for example: Hummingbirds); then, they will draw a picture of their topic (draw a hummingbird); next, they will draw and/or write three facts they learned about their topic. This can then be transfered to writing paper.

Give students to chance to practice writing informational writing. Students will write their topic sentence , three facts, and one conclusion. Students can also draw pictures to match their informational writing.

Classroom Label Pack (Editable) - Chevron  Use for name tags or work station frames for the first day of kindergarten

Classroom Label Pack (Editable) - Chevron