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POWER SUITS Van Dongen says her designs mimic human skin cells, which show a similar layering. Some of the modules contain up to 48 flexible solar cells, enough to restore a typical smartphone's charge by 50 percent after an hour's exposure in the full sun. Solar power offers an "intelligent and ...

Solar-powered fashion goes couture with Pauline von Dongen's avant-garde wearables.

Wearable Solar - a video by Hammond Images

Video of Wearable Solar - project led by Christiaan Holland and Pauline van Dongen, along with a team of researchers, to create flexible solar cells that can be easily embedded in clothing, essentially making the wearer a walking power plant.

SMIT Solar Ivy - photovoltaic leaves with piezoelectric generators at their stem can be arranged on building facades.

'Solar Ivy' Photovoltaic Leaves Climb to New Heights

Solar Ivy (or SMIT Grow) is a spectacular system of thin, fluttering solar panels that generate energy by sparkling in the sunlight. The wind and solar power generating photovoltaic leaves can be

IMG_3102 by ZenMan Energy, via Flickr

Zenman Energy is a non-profit in Norfolk, VA attempting to design and develop inexpensive solar steam engine power plants.

Ground breaking "solar" wearables. Here the "Day for Night" Solar Dress by Despina Papadopoulos.

Composed of 448 white circuit-board tiles interspersed with black the Day for Night is ready to boogie from to

Folhas fotovoltaicas são criadas com base em planta trepadeira

Folhas fotovoltaicas são criadas com base em planta trepadeira

Solar Ivy has wind and solar power generating photovoltaic "leaf" technology to attach to buildings- SMIT

14 ejemplos de cómo la tecnología está revolucionando la moda

The Future of Fashion is Now. Pauline van Dongen, Wearable Solar-coat, Model: Julia J.

solar power on t-shirt to charge cell phone

Solar Cell T Shirt - Solar Panel Print - Alternative Energy Geek - by ScreamPrinting on Etsy

Researchers at Rice U. have developed nanoparticles that can convert solar energy directly into steam. This has direct applications for being able to create heated water in places without access to a grid such as third-world countries, allowing sterilization and purification of water.

High-efficiency solar energy tech turns water into steam


The HOM solar street light is particularly attractive for installations in strategic public areas of the city. Not only does it provide illumination, but the structure

7 Eco-Innovations That Are Changing the Future of Fashion

7 Eco-Innovations That Are Changing the Future of Fashion

Machine washable Solar Shirt charges your mobile devices on the go

Fashion designer Pauline Van Dongen has come up with Solar Shirt as a part of her Wearable Solar Collection that juices-up your gadgets on the go.