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While cleaning my room I look at my bed and find this..my brother and guinea pig staring intensly lmao!

While cleaning my room I look at my bed and find this.my brother and guinea pig staring intensly lmao!

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Clobber the Clutter with Kids by Mom Kat - "1) Get Organized! When a child knows where things go they are more likely to put it back. 2) Rules to Play by: One of the best rules that parents can learn from school, preschool, or daycare environments is the "one toy at a time" rule. 3) Make Cleaning Up a Game!" - ADD freeSources http://www.pinterest.com/addfreesources/ (Note: This chart isn't printable, but I found some using the Search option. - Chore charts, picture, and  printables)

Clobber the Clutter with Kids

So going to institute this 'Clean your room' check list for kids! Laminate and use a dry erase marker. =) No more checking and rechecking - "Is my room clean yet, Mom?" Don't call me until the checklist is complete :)

My sister and I share a room and when I did this it would drive her crazy!

What It's REALLY Like To Be A Teen

Teenager Post When I clean my room: cleaning, complaining, playing with stuff I just found.

Well my friends…you wanted more Life Hacks…so here at The Cottage Market we listen to you and have brought you another episode of Life Hacks Why Didn’t I Think Of That!  I can’t tell you how many Life Hacks I see as I study Pinterest and other amazing blogs…there is a plethora of them…but I …

Life Hacks Why Didn't I Think Of That Again

Every time I’m cleaning my room…

Every time I’m cleaning my room…

this gif is the funniest gif on the planet. also, this is my entire life. and also why my room is never clean. "Why isn't your room clean?" *shows gif* "Oh, I see.

Oh, here's that little bird my second grade teacher crocheted for me....awww

i can't clean my room because i get distracted by all the cool stuff i find.i should have used this when my mom asked me to clean my room when i was a kid

Oh no, my room has many scrapbooking treasures I forgot about!

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Burning Sage repels pests naturally.  Did you know it also clear negative energy?  Each time you move into a new home, walk thru each room with a smoldering sage wand and clear the old energy to make room for the new!

How to Burn Sage to Cleanse Homes

Burning Sage will repel mosquitos and other pests. It smells heavenly, and avoids exposure to toxic chemicals. Let's not forget, it also helps to rid negative energy in the house!