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Cover for HP Lovecraft's Fungi From Yuggoth by Bo Kaier

Cover for Drabblecast B-Sides episode Fungi from Yuggoth, by Bo Kaier

Issue 21 of Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine, published February 7, 2012. The cover of issue 21 is Diamond Planet, by Karl Johanson. This is an artist's conception of a 'diamond planet, recently discovered orbiting a radio pulsar (PSR J1219-1428). The planet was discovered by Professor Matthew Bailes (of the Swinburn University of Technology) and his team.

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A shuffling of cabins puts Ishmael Horatio Wang in command of the worst ship in the fleet. He learns that being Captain doesn't make you infallible and that life in the Captain's Cabin is filled with new kinds of challenge as he tries to keep the ship moving, the crew out of trouble, and turn a profit to earn his Captain's Share.

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"The Kingery" is a full-cast, ongoing sci-fi serial drama." WARNING: Mature Audiences Only

"The Kingery" is a full-cast, ongoing sci-fi serial drama." WARNING: Mature Audiences Only

There are so few Fringe pins out there that I literally start tearing up or giggling whenever I see one.

Seriously my favorite Fringe episode.I'm a sucker for time travel

THE ALL-PRO (Galactic Football League, Volume 3) (9780983196334) Scott Sigler , ISBN-10: 0983196338  , ISBN-13: 978-0983196334 ,  , tutorials , pdf , ebook , torrent , downloads , rapidshare , filesonic , hotfile , megaupload , fileserve

Seven centuries into the future, aliens and humans compete for the greatest prize in the universe: the Galaxy Bowl trophy.

Beyond The Veil | Horror Podcast: Ep11 John Hale The Conduit & The Ito Experience - YouTube

Our FIRST Episode! For the time being will be putting up this horror podcast that I do on here.

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I’ve been fortunate enough to appear in several episodes, probably most notably as Edgar Rice Burroughs in the Gods of War arc. My role in this series is significantly shorter. The good news, I’m the first voice you hear and I get the [sound]stage all to myself for minutes. The bad news — I die a violent death by impaling in a scene from Night at the Museum Ben Stiller never acted out.  As always, Writer/Director/Producer Bill Hollweg does brilliant work in this super-pulpy OTR drama.

Jake Sampson: Monster Hunter : “The Horn of Valhalla” Episode 1

Otto is Richard Krugg's only son and heir to the Shaman's gift. The only problem is Otto doesn't want it.

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