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Teenager Post It breaks the whole serious ack


Idk who that jackass is that is racing up and down the road.but, we are about to find out if I snap.you know since I have 4 yapping dogs.barking every flipping time you take off.I think at least one of those drivers is my son.

Idk why people assume you're jealous of everything you hate, I hate spiders that doesn't mean I'm jealous they have 8 legs and eat flies.

absolutely brilliant

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If you think someone is staring at you, yawn. If they yawn, they were staring. Too funny!

Lol so me and my friend!:)

lol so true me and my BFF do all the time but were JKing but if you do, not good

any1 who uses this word to describe me just needs to get a life!


who uses this word to describe me just needs to get a life!

Lol yuup ! xD

Lol yuup ! xD

Why the....

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Haha I do this a lot. Like a lot. TO often I have over laughter disease

#teenagerposts #teens #class

#teenagerposts #teens #class

Hahahaha I just did it right now lol! This has me laughing too hard haha

Outrageously Funny Relatable Posts I thought I was the only one

I think about this a lot... i thought i was the only one

I wonder what my house smells like. I hope mine smells like peppermint

oh my goshhhh. that's totally me...


my goal is to make you laugh ☯ homeasksubmit numbered posts about

this was my P.E. teacher from elementary school sometimes...she would draw a math problem after we came from math class on Thursday. Surprisingly she gave us a perfect problem for the advanced 5th grade class.

Every single teacher on this freakin planet.

How old is your baby?

I hate when people do this cause then you have to do the math when the person could have just said it's three! Plus it's just really annoying. It's like, just admit it, your kid is a toddler, it's not a baby anymore!

Haha so true!! @Sarah Rose @Julia Grantham @Olivia Parsons

Being a potato makes you special. I love potatoes and you should to. So when you say your ugly potato maybe you should just say to your friends " Well I guess that means I'm the lucky one!