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The process of reading Jerusalem Interlude.

Particuarly the books in Heroes of Olympus. All I want is PERCY. And the Blood of Olympus has to RUIN IT<< but Leo and Nico's POVs were so great. Game of thrones was the real one for me, I didn't give a damn about Sansa in the first three books

The librarians who have the perfect solution to winter weather.

23 People Who Aren't Afraid Of A Little Snow

This is why I love books more than movies. We get to make it our own and aren't subjected to whatever someone else sees it as.

I always thought it would be cool to be able to have a device that projects thoughts on a screen and then all us book nerds could compare our imaginings.

I don't feel like that with my favorite books, though, because Tolkien wrote so much about them, there's always more to learn. :D

<<*cough* Heroes of Olympus *cough*<< Well there's a sequel. On the First book, Percy, Nico, and Will's still there. And (Spoilers) Leo returned with Calypson in the end so, they will be in book 2

try developing LIFE as a character that we learn more and more about

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