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Tyrannosaurus "Sue" Resin Kit by Rader

Rader Studios T rex 'Sue" resin model kit . Sculpted by Jonathan Rader this beautiful sculpt is clean cast in 7 resin pieces and makes an awesome display of this famous find.

Monsters with Class Levels by Ksheep

Anyone else remember an cartoon called "Dino Riders" because this looks like that on horse steroids

jurassic park memes | Jurassic Park Is Fun They Said ... - Meme Center

Jurassic Park Is Fun They Said ...

"Go to Jurassic Park." They said." They said… "When the Pirates of the Carribean broke down, the pirates didn't EAT the tourists.



Boys Dinosaur Theme 3 Wall Hooks T Rex by Sugarspiceallthnice, $29.99

Boys Dinosaur Theme 3 Wall Hooks T Rex Dinosaurs Boy Nursery Room Decor

sorry bout the swearing but then again you're the one reading this pin so

When life gives you lemons, combine their DNA with a prehistoric mosquito preserved in amber to create a Tyranno-sourest Rex.

Yeah. Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could that they didn't stop to think if they should."

Doctor Grant says that's a bad idea. Doctor Grant says that's a very bad idea! WHAT'S A BAD IDEA? *dinosaur roars and people get eaten*

I MADE YOU CUPCAKES!  Don't question why this is brilliant, just accept it's brilliance.

T-Rex in white lace apron, kitchen cooking baking bread, mother mom's mama TREX dinosaurs Why is this funny to me