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Otis Toy Poodle cross | Pawshake

Meet Toy Poodle cross Otis, Dog of Simon: Black small toy poodle cross. Friendly, loves to play and go for walks, social with other dogs. Unknown age as is a rescue dog.

Kirby Maltese x Poodle | Pawshake

Meet Maltese x Poodle Kirby, Dog of Cathryn: Kirby is a very placid fun loving puppy, he is very close to being toilet trained and also loves a cuddle :-)

Shelby | Pawshake

Shelby | Pawshake

Frankie Cavoodle | Pawshake

Meet Cavoodle Frankie, Dog of Pip: Frankie is a curious little boy, he loves to play all day with bark and his toys and runs around keeping himself entertained:) He turns 1 on the December so still a puppy at heart. He is toilet trained.

Archie Cocker Spaniel | Pawshake

Meet Cocker Spaniel Archie, Dog of Jen: Archie has a great personality and really enjoy cuddles, walks and relaxing on the couch with you at night. Fully house trained and toilet trained.

Toby Cavoodle | Pawshake

Toby Cavoodle | Pawshake

Chester Greyhound | Pawshake

Chester Greyhound | Pawshake

Cody Australian Keplie x Blue Heeler | Pawshake

Cody Australian Keplie x Blue Heeler

Ollie Silky Terrier | Pawshake

Meet Silky Terrier Ollie, Dog of Lily: Ollie is a friendly dog who loves to play. He is toilet trained.

Bumbee Westie x Toy Poodle | Pawshake

Meet Westie x Toy Poodle Bumbee, Dog of Orson: Bumbee is a lovely west x toy poodle. Toilet trained, well behaved and really enjoy a walk in a park.