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Okami Part #37 - Okami Artbook 1

Okami Part - Okami Artbook 1

The Wish / Kitsune Fox Girl Yokai Deer / by TeaFoxIllustrations

A young kitsune girl seeks the help of a wish granting spirit, hoping to gain exit from the realm of hungry ghosts. - by Sarah Graybill

{•F.A.Qs|Commissions|Wips|Fur Affinity|YouTube|tumblr.•} Commission Normal Full-Body character © *Mortel163 artwork © =Snow-Body ohh i'm sure for somes to dark, and for others o...

rosa gender: female discription: I am a protecter of the pack and very trusted

Adopted !! Atera . Age 12 . His only front he has is his wolf quasar . He lived up high in the mountains where it snowed everyday . He is shy because he has not been around another person in such a long time . He knows haw to hunt . And he never takes off his scarf .

My name is Septimus. Im 13 and a wizard at hogwarts in slytherin. I hate wearing shoes and pants but i love wearing shorts. I have a guardian wolf named dire, that will protect me.

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Like a rainbow bridge

Writing inspiration @heywriters

Cropped Image Of Person Writing Chinese Script

Merve Ozaslan

"House" by Merve Ozaslan. Merve Özaslan‘s Natural Act collage series shows o

Azai. This 'hidden' is a legend, one could say the most well known. He cuts down whatever stands before the Ungodly.No matter who they are, they will meet their end at his hands. Azai is a trained assassin since very young. Never once has he failed, hence the upper class. No one exactly knows of his presence or if he's 'really' real. Only the Ungodly. He has a 'status' and stories though, this makes it hard to maintain undercover. He's cold and seeks death, however he isn't exactly…

as the Crown Prince's bodyguard Byung Yeon in "Moonlight Drawn By Clouds" or "Love in the Moonlight"

A mother guards her cubs

A mother guards her cubs

Cheshire (Young Justice) cosplay

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