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"I wanted Burger King though! Plus I had a hour and a half break... what was I suppose to do?!?"

There is burger king in Belgium. I used to live in Belgium and my family ate at burger king sometimes.

Aussie humor – Australia at its very best | PMSLweb

ok but like we do this everywhere, right? There was another post like this and it said this but ppl were like noo we say that everywhere. I use this all the time as Ammon australian

Yessss it's my favorite thing I've experienced living in Europe and listening to ppl freak out over how long a road trip is or something and I'm just chill

american geography

This is so funny, because I see it as normal and then other people freak out over the size of the country. XD<< I'm surprised that their not freaking out over Alaska. It's not even touching our country and it's HUGE!

Stinky Fridg Fix

Stinky Fridg Fix

awesome sassy clock

The sassy gay grandfather clock. I want it. I also want the "Be Our Guest" thing as well. <-Full of awesome.<<<can someone get this for me I will take good care of Samuel the Sassy Gay Grandfather Clock aka SSGGC


be a man // (you must be swift as a coursing river. Be a man! Sorry) I shall remember to digest the butterflies when i do this

Ever left your most prized, expensive mascara in the car overnight during the summer or winter? Similar effect…

"And Beyonce herself has nodded at you and whispered "Fierce" hahahahaha but really, I have tried this mascara and felt very similarly about it." This is hilarious, and so is this comment. And it must be the mascara because I dislike it as well