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chiba yudai- Reference for drawing the face shrouded by the hand in that position

Baby You Have A Choice, 'Cause You Burn My Ears With Your Magic Voice. I'm A Paper Doll, You Can Tear Me Up, We'll Be The Broken Lovers With The Poison Cup.

Vampire women (and even a relatively high percentage of men) are OBSESSED with lipstick. Contrary to popular belief, they wear little to no eye makeup, just so their lips-- and their fangs-- and emphasized.

T H E _ C O L L E C T O R

the voice faltered in the wind. no one noticed the ghost trapped in the angel statue.

elizabeth olsenliberal arts movie stills | Elizabeth Olsen - 'Liberal Arts' - Photocall

Elizabeth Olsen Photos Photos: 'Liberal Arts' - Photocall

"You know that you have nothing if I'm gone. You think I'm not willing to take my life? Try me."

For me to die?" His silver eyes remained on me, never giving the blade a second glance. "I should," whispered Corvin.

She stared out the frosted glass observing the snow-covered trees blown about by the wind and rain.