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Dog mugging!

Dog mugging!

The first night with your puppy: http://pawsandprada.uk/first-night-puppy-tips-advice/

The Best Things About Owning A Labrador Retriever

Though small in stature, little dogs have tremendous hearts and an abundance of love and affection to share.

The Wonderful (and Challenging) World of Small Dogs.

PHOTO ESSAY: The Reasons Why You Should Own a Dog - Fido4ever

Why dogs are the best of all things so sweet. I'm all teary eyed now

This is the best over! Repin everyone, it is the saddest thing in the world these wonderful dogs get such a bad rep..

Blame the owner, not the breed! yes dogs are born ready to please there owners. Its how the people treat them it has and always will be the owners fault. If you ask me i think people who have abused any animals do not deserve to own any pet at all!

Meet Simba. He's a Leonberger. - Imgur

Meet Simba. He's a Leonberger.

Meet Simba, a German mountain dog who belongs to a giant breed called "Leonberger". These magnificent creatures can weigh 170 pounds, but are incredibly disciplined, loyal, and gentle. I WOULD THINK WAY MORE THAN 170 POUNDS!