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An all time favorite of gym class has definitely got to be Kickball. Everyone can play and everyone can have fun doing it! There is a creative twist to the game of kickball, and is definitely one that kids will love to play. It will work with anyone ages 7 and up. Even the high school kids enjoy playing it in gym class! Here's how to play.

How To Play Krazy Kickball - A Gym Class Favorite

Calling all 8 and older Kickball players! We're having a Kickball game on Wednesday, October 19 at at Frontier Fieldhouse, and we want you to play! Call ahead to register, and bring your Park ID and Open Gym fee, and let's play ball!

how to play kickball

How to play kickball. Kickball is also a great game that can be played in the gym (or outside if weather permits).

Rotate the spinner board by turns. The arrow indicates your appointed fingers and put your finger in it. The last player left in the game is the winner!

Finger Twister Game

INFMETRY:: Finger Twister Game - this is a fun way to develop finger coordination and finger digit isolated movements. Could also be used as a warm up to hand writing!

Physical Education Games - Tail Swipe

I think this is a fun game to play especially with middle school students. I don't like the fact that some kids will get out on purpose just so they don't have to participate anymore.

Use for games as a quick self - assessment. Tweak for PBIS wording

Starting off the year with"I Can"statements has been a huge success. The students are really understanding their PE lessons better and refle.

Capture The Kickball | Great Activities.....any game can become an event. Put a time limit of play time

Capture the Kickball- A fun, fitness-oriented variation on classic kickball By Sue Hutchinson & Brian Gridley