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V7 titanium QD endplate $26.19

V Seven Weapons Ultra-Light QD Endplate - Black

V Seven Weapons QD / Lightweight Endplate in Black is lighter than a steel mil-spec receiver endplate and of unmatched quality.

T3 Titanium Compensator

The Titanium is a dual baffle compensator that directs expelled gasses to control muzzle direction. The initial baffle directs gas in a geometrical pattern t

Save weight and add some style to your AR-15 with this 2A-Armament Titanium .750 diameter gas block weighing it at only 0.7 ounces. With it's low profile design it will fit under most rail systems and two set screws to secure it provide a solid grip.

2A Armament .750 Diameter Ultra-Lite Titanium AR-15 Gas Block

Armament Titanium Lightweight Gas Block - Diameter for

Wing Tactical - Radian Titanium Forward Assist [Multi-Finish], $52.20 (https://www.wingtactical.com/firearm-parts/ar-15/upper-receiver-parts/upper-receiver-parts/radian-titanium-forward-assist-multi-finish/)

Radian Weapons

Wing Tactical - Radian Titanium Forward Assist [Multi-Finish], $52.20 (https://www.wingtactical.com/firearm-parts/ar-15/upper-receiver-parts/upper-receiver-parts/radian-titanium-forward-assist-multi-finish/)

Titanium Straw. High Polish Blue Smoke Ano [tisurvival.com/] #Titanium #TiSurvival #TiSurvivalStraws #EDC #Straw #Survival #Tactical

My titanium straws measure in diameter and in length. These ti straws are strong enough to be hammered through a coconut!

Titanium Marlin Spikes

Titanium Marlin Spike

Titanium marlin spikes are useful for tying / untying certain knots, rope splicing, or sewing. I have some customers who use these as tent stakes.

V7 ultra light muzzle break $121.25

V Seven Weapons FURION Titanium Lightweight 3Gun / Competition Muzzle Brake

Competition Lightweight Titanium FURION muzzle brake by V Seven Weapons for or type rifles. oz Ultra-lightweight corrosion proof muzzle brake perfect for 3 Gun or a lightweight build at Vertex Ops

Building my ultimate ar15 for predator hunting and target shooting that is versatile enough that my son, future wife and disabled veterans that we take on hunts can all effectively use in the field.  Must be extremely lightweight, accurate (1/2MOA), zero recoil or muzzle rise, adjustable, effective from close range (speed) to 600 yards (precision), comfortable and durable.

V Seven Weapons AR-15 Charging Handle

The V Seven Weapons Charging Handle available in Black, OD Green, or FDE (Tan) is one of many Highest Quality parts available from at Vertex Ops. This handle is for or caliber platforms.