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True enough!  :o)

Hilarious 'Binders Full of Women' Meme Brings the Best Election 2012 Laughs Yet (PHOTOS)

One does not simply leave a Marvel movie before the end of the credits - Boromir, Lord of the Rings meme

nothing has been more true than this...

12 Memes And Tweets For Final Exams

David after the dentist finals meme, I just stumbled across this!--- Or just any dental school exam

Seriously, solve your own problems! (algebra is heartbroken)

Math humor: Dear Algebra, Stop asking us to find your X. She's not coming back. We don't know Y either.


Funny pictures about When you switch to your front camera. Oh, and cool pics about When you switch to your front camera. Also, When you switch to your front camera.

Trump is so stupid. Who in their right mind would vote for this POS?

We sure as hell don't want Immigrants like Donald Duck Trump who stir up and bring the Ugliness out of some of the worst people in America.