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I was in an art studio in San Diego's Balboa Park and saw a terrific collection of brushes. It seemed this was better as a a painting itself then a photo so I tried to recreat a more impressionistic feeling. Here is more inspiration:


Abstract ~ study of oil & water, photographer Karen Keogh. Slightly hard to find the words to describe this abstract photo. I like the cartoony looking bubbles formed by the mixture.

have a drink!

Would love a wall like this, glass and color and light. Bottles by strejicigor

Colorful passageways

Colors § Colours: From a very colorful kindergarten, the Educational Centre En El Chaparral in Granada, Spain designed by Alejandro Muñoz Miranda.


how happy would this umbrella make me on a gloomy day? Pretty darn happy, I'll tell you.

Nice colored house

Maybe this is how I'll paint my house. "Which house is yours?" "Guess" or "My house is the one with color.

Rainbow Flower2

by Alexandria Griffin. rainbow flowers, rainbow colors and colorful flowers.