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No more Bushes!!

No more Bushes!

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Join the Trump Revolution! Your vote for Trump is a vote Against Hillary, the status quo and Washington corruption!

Yes, get rid of the radical right please, so we can a get a government that works on other things besides hating Obama. They refuse to get over it. Very childish, if they weren't so evil. Biddy Craft

Imagine how much better things would be right now if the GOP had put the interests of the country before the interests of the party. vote romeny,oh yay

This is probably the most important thing to understand about politics today. ~ How early can voters register to vote?

SC - please remember "Vote your conscience," If you sontinue to vote teaparty/republican, you have cast your vote for the and against everyone else.

Part I GOP excuses for rape.  A peanut is a peanut, you don't call it a squirrel just because squirrels eat them.  Rape is rape, you don't make excuses for different kinds of rape just so you can say it's NOT rape.  Why are the republicans and baggers on the side of the rapist?  Vote these people out!  Vote Blue!

The Republican Rape Advisory Chart - stupid things Republicans have said about rape.