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that awkward moment when32 Of The Funniest Pictures On The Internet

32 Of The Funniest Pictures On The Internet

Throughout the play, both Vladimir and Estragon repeat themselves to each other often. Whether it is because they do not understand each other, or to carry on stichomythia, they both have to repeat themselves often and eventually let ideas go.

I know some people like this. Lol.

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You often get asked how you got your look. | 22 Memes That Are Way Too Real For People With Curly Hair

You often get asked how you got your look.

People who've known me for my entire life: "Is your hair naturally curly? I've been curling it mY WHOLE LIFE" <<Black People Problems

The WORST! If I WANTED to cry I would've, LEAVE ME ALONE!

Holding tears back currently remembering how my boyfriend told me it was okay it was just one fucking essay, and I sobbed and told him to such his own testicles because this essay had turned into my life.

Wth did you just say?

One time in first grade I was trying to tell my teacher that I couldn't drink the red dye snow cone and he looked away and smiled and laughed and said "*laugh* yes :)"

When People Walk Slow In Front Of You...

To people that walk slow: PLEASE STOP! Either get out of the way or just begin to walk like a human being and not a turtle. All of you who walk slow.

I lost my glasses, but I need my glasses to find my glasses. Do you see my problem? Because I can't.

i feel ur pain harry, its called riding rollercoasters and u ask the lady to hold them, ur friend has to gide u then u step on their foot.

Mine is Bic oh wait they make pens dang boy u got a nice face not that it matters some people appreciate that

23 Feelings Anyone With A Crush Will Understand

Oh, okay guys. I see you over there! You thought no one waz gon' find out. Ha! You thought

Kermit The Frog But That's None Of My Business- Beyonce Blue Ivy.oh Kermit!