I found a military uniform.

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Cigarettes Military Uniforms Army Navy Marines Chesterfield Photo Ad 1943

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Know the difference! Good quote: "No one likes being called by their brothers name."

I've noticed this a lot browsing Imgur and I wanted to correct it without being rude.

The United States Military: Soldier = Army, Sailor = Navy, Airman = Airforce, Coastguardsman = Coastguard, and Marine = Marine Corps

RANK STRUCTURE AND INSIGNIA OF ENLISTED MILITARY PERSONNEL - ALL BRANCHES OF US MILITARY SERVICE - web credit here - http://www.aviationexplorer.com/air_force_rank_structure.htm

United States Military Rank Structure for the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, National Guard and Coast Guard Insignia - Military Rank

So true. I was here four and a half years before the uniform, I'll be here forever after. True love conquers all.

we MET in uniform. i love you so much my soldier, my hero. the man our boys look up to. the man i salute and will stand behind anyday. do your duty babe.i love you .

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US Navy Uniform Infographic

US Navy Uniforms Infographic